EZ White

Going to the dentist for routine checkups can be much more exciting when you anticipate a dramatic enhancement to your smile. Among the many aesthetic procedures offered at the offices of Lakewood Ranch Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, teeth whitening is a favorite. People add quality to their lives when they take pride and confidence in their smiles.

Dr. Scala in Lakewood Ranch gives excellent care, so the health of your smile is matched with the beauty of your teeth. 

EZ white® Pro for In-Office Brighter Smiles 

Before lightening procedures, Dr. Scala completes a routine exam and cleaning to take care of present dental problems. A convenient way to receive teeth whitening is added onto the end of a visit with the dental hygienist.

Dr. Scala uses an effective whitening treatment called EZ White® Pro. EZ White does not cause the painful sensitivity that often results with other lightening products. The procedure typically requires about thirty minutes, and teeth lighten by several shades.

The doctor begins by using a vita scale to record the current shade of teeth, so you will be able to see the dramatic improvement after treatment is complete.

Next, a gingival barrier is applied along the gum line of the upper and lower teeth. A curing gel rapidly dries into a rubbery substance that protects the gums from becoming irritated by the bleach.

EZ White Pro is a patented bleaching powder mixed with peroxide. After the gel has been applied to each tooth, light shines onto the product until the color changes from orange to a bubbling white. This activates the gel, and it only takes a few seconds. After teeth have been treated, they are rinsed, and the process is repeated until patients achieve their desired shade. Most people require four cycles of treatment, but for those with darker stains, six cycles can be administered.

Comparing the brightened shade to the shade of teeth before treatment is always a satisfying experience. Before you leave your appointment, the dentist gives you a take-home whitening pen for touch-ups.

Opalescence® for the Convenience of Whitening at Home

Dr. Scala is also a provider of Opalescence®, a powerful take-home whitening system. Molds are taken of the teeth so that custom trays can be designed. Patients put the gel in the trays before inserting them onto the teeth. Opalescence is convenient, safe and it produces a beautifully brightened smile.

Dr. Scala and Lakewood Ranch Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for Appealing Smiles

Give the office of Lakewood Ranch Family and Cosmetic Dentistry a call and see the extraordinary results of teeth whitening. Dr. Scala will give you a reason to smile in Lakewood Ranch.